How COVID-19 Will Forever Change The Way We Work

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 to start off the year 2020, the world has rapidly descended to a virtual standstill. Countries from every corner of the globe have been racing to contain this pandemic, and the effect has gone way beyond the health risks on a global scale.  With “community quarantine”, lockdown” and “social distancing” […]

The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Social Media Marketing for SMEs

According to the 2018 Yellow Digital Report, 51% of small and medium Australian enterprises (SME) are using social media, which is an increase from last year’s 47%. However, with the many benefits of social media, this number is not enough. Below is an infographic on a few key statistics on Australian SMEs and social media: […]

What’s Common with Graphic Design Giants Canva, 99Designs and DesignCrowd?

Aussie start-up Canva recently made headlines for reaching unicorn status (a private company valued at more than US$1 billion, or A$1.3 billion). Canva is an online graphic design tool that allows non-designers to create stunning layouts with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop format. Founded in 2012 by WA entrepreneur Melanie Perkins, Canva is used today by more […]

Three Game-Changers for Property Managers

The Australian Property Management industry is doing very well, with more than $3 billion in annual revenues and growing at 2.7% per annum. However, the number of property managers is growing by 11% every year, leading to increasing competition for valuable rentable properties and tenants (Source: Good property managers will need to be able […]

WEBINAR on Engineering: How to Readily Hire Quality Talent at 75% Lower Labour Costs

Join us on our September 2018 Webinar Series entitled, ” “Engineering: How to readily hire quality talent at 75% lower labour costs”.  It will be no more than an hour, to be conducted by our Managing Director Peter Willson. The available schedules are: September 4, Tuesday, 12nn (Brisbane time) September 11, Tuesday, 12nn (Brisbane time) […]

Why Half of Start-Ups Fail

If you are thinking of starting a new business, or have recently started one, here’s a statistic you should be paying close attention to – your business has less than a 50/50 chance of making it. Especially if you repeat the mistakes of every failed business in the recent past. Of the 223,013 new businesses […]

Salary Budget Tight? This Might Be for You

  Here we are in July, budgeting season is over and the new financial year has commenced. One can almost hear the silent whispers of business leaders all around the country… Have we budgeted for enough team members to achieve our ambitious goals? What happens if we hire too many people and the work doesn’t […]

The Renewable Energy Boom and the Demand for Engineers in Australia

Since 1910, the average surface temperature in Australia has increased by 0.9oC. Just a half-degree increase in temperature will cause longer heat waves, more intense rain storms, higher sea levels, and faster deterioration of the coral reefs. That’s why the Paris Agreement in 2015 calls for holding the ongoing rise in global average temperature to […]

7 Common Reasons Why You Missed Your Software’s Bugs

It’s a familiar scene for any software development team: after days and weeks of working on a particular functionality of your game-changing software, just as you’re about to move from staging to production (or worse, while live in the production stage), you discover a huge bug in your program. It’s a real bugger (pun intended). […]